Foreign Trade Consultancy

In our globalizing and developing world, foreign organizations appear on international platforms every day. Both import and export business and transactions are discussed on these platforms. In our country, many organizations are faced with import and export transactions. In this case, he or she should contact the translation office and get help with translation procedures.

If you want your customs procedures to be carried out smoothly, such as import and export, it would be right to carry out your business under the leadership and management of a notary sworn foreign language consultancy.

Our company works in agreement with many companies/factories throughout Turkey, especially in Eskişehir. With our Sworn Foreign Language Consultants, we provide consultancy services, including apostille, in translation processes from customs procedures to administrative documents, school diplomas and many official documents. If you want to be represented in a foreign language and to carry out your transactions in a foreign language, our company is ready to serve you.

* The market research,

* Preparation of export plan,

 * Examination of the existing promotional and offer letters, completing and re-creating the deficiencies, if any,

 * Answering questions about the products in a foreign language,

 * Submitting sales offers to relevant companies,

 * Finalization of processes such as payment and transportation during the export of the product

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