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Technical Translation

Technical translation, as the name suggests, means the translation of documents containing technical information into other languages. Translation of technical documents is not specific to any industry, so examples of these documents are patents or annotated texts on technology products in general and the practical applications of scientific data.

Technical documents are also prepared for experts in the field, and in order to translate these documents into other languages, the selected translation office must have sufficient knowledge about the subject, even if the subject of translation is engineering, law or government affairs.

Professional solution partners such as Alinea Translation Language Services, which work with engineer translators when the subject of translation is the translation of a patent for any machine, with veterinarian and doctor translators when it comes to animal health or medical equipment's user manual, and with academic translators when it comes to academic translation, should be preferred.

Special terminology databases should be used in technical translation processes, because the same word can have different meanings in different sectors. The slightest terminology error in the translation may lead to a decrease in the scientific or technical value of the text in a foreign language, and thus to an unsuccessful translation process.


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