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Notarized Sworn Translation

Notarized or certified translation, as the name suggests, is a translation activity that must be certified by a notary public after the translation process is completed. In other words, the translator providing the translation service for documents to be submitted to an official authority must be a sworn translator and must be approved by a notary public. Then, the notarization of this translation is called a notarized translation.

Notarization is required for translations to official documents to be submitted to institutions. Notarization is required to prove the authenticity and validity of the document and that it has been translated correctly.

Notarized Sworn Translation

Some of the documents that require notarization are as follows:

Notarized Sworn Translation

Identity Card Translation

Identity Document Translation

Passport Translation

Birth Certificate Translation

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Criminal Records Translation

Marriage Certificate Translation

Residence Translation

Residence Permit Translation

Health Report Translation

Diploma Translation

Diploma Equivalency Translation

Transcript Translation

Power of Attorney Translation

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Contract Translation

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Salary Slip Translation

Bank Statement Translation

Translation of Visa Application Form and Documents

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Translation of Required Documents for Abroad

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