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ALİNEA Translation and Consulting

Medical Translation

A quality translation is a necessity in the medical world. Because the main point is human health. With expert medical doctor translators in different branches, editors providing control and proofreading services in their mother tongue, professional project coordinators and modern technological infrastructure, Alinea Translation offers perfect medical written and oral translation services of 100% equivalent quality between tens of different language types.

We have been serving in the field of medical translation for many years with our staff consisting of expert medical doctor translators and “native speaker” editors.

Medical Translation

Medical Translation

Expert Reports Translation

Work Permit Translation

Registration Registration Translation

Specialization Thesis Translation

Thesis Abstract Translation

Article Abstract Translation

Prospectus Translation

Equipment Production Quality Assurance Translation

Application Document Translation

Declaration of Conformity Translation

Forensic Medicine Report Translation

Simultaneous Translation at a Medical Conference

Medical R&D Project Translation

Medical Equipment User Manual Translation

Companion Translation in Appointments

Health Report Translation

Case Report Translation

Article Translation to be Submitted to Refereed Journals

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